Sleep quality assessment

My sleep assessment results just came back, turns out that I’m not getting the REMS that I really need.  I went into the sleep facility and slept with censors on every night for a week.  They had a number of graphs that calculated how many hours of deep sleep I received, how many times I woke up, and at what stage of the sleep cycle I woke up in.  While there I was sleeping on a Saatva luxury firm mattress, which I really liked.  At home I don’t have a very high quality mattress, but even with this improved sleeping experience, I didn’t get a great night’s sleep.

I spoke with a physican, who had a number of sleep recommendations.  He said that I should try sleeping on my side or my back, rather than my stomach.  This is uncomfortable for me currently, but I guess it will pay big dividends in the long run.  He also mentioned that I should put a pillow between my legs to keep my posture aligned.  Finally, he said that I should invest in a quality mattress.  The reviews of the Saatva mattress are very good, so I’m going to check my bank account to see if it’s time to make the investment.

The matter of the issue is that getting a better mattress and pillow, and thus a better night’s sleep, will surely make me feel much better in the long run.  I just hope that I will get the good night’s sleep soon!  I’ve been lagging a at work, drinking more coffee to stay alert, and tossing and turning all night.  It hasn’t been a pleasant situation, but if I can make some small changes to improve the situation, I would definitely be happy to make them.

The best recommendation I’ve seen is from this Saatva mattress review video.  They go through every point about the manufacturing, and even things like the customer service.  They do say a few bad things about the mattress, but overall the review is very positive, and has convinced me that I should get one.  Here I come sleep, very excited!

sleep assessment

The Ultimate Boob Job

Boob job gone right

Boob job gone right

The sensual curve and the resulting confidence of a liposuction from Dublin Ohio is magical.  It certainly changed my life.  I went from some small-town Ohio nobody to somebody that people looked at.  I could even go into Columbus, the big city for me, go to any bar, and have a few guys talk to me.  My confidence soared because of the boob job, and I’m so grateful.

Some of you may think that this is shallow, or a waste of good money (it was quite expensive), but I had already done all the things I was supposed to do – my personality is great, my friendships strong, my career on track.  I just couldn’t get men to look at me because of my flat chest, and marriage and children are a very important part of life for me.  The boobs aren’t a direct path to that, the just increase the chance that a guy is going to see me for me.

The whole process is so simple, I went from an A cup to a C cup and was back at work within a few days.  Very little pain, and seemingly very little risk.  Just a whole lot of benefit, making it personally a very easy choice for me.

If you’re thinking about having a breast enhancement for yourself, what I would recommend is strengthening your resolve, really understanding your values and why you want it, and then if you’re satisfied, don’t let other people deter you.  There is a lot of stigma around boob jobs, so it may be difficult to talk about this with your friends and family, and you should; but if they don’t recognize your reasons, then don’t let them be the ultimate decision maker.

This boob job changed my status in life, and now I’m happier than I have ever been.  Thank you so much to my doctors, supportive friends, family – I’m more excited for life than I ever have been before!


Holla atcha boys!

I want to be this guy

This could be you. Vest included.

So sure, you see some rich, handsome, charming, smooth, well-dressed, make that REALLY rich, guy killing it at the bar, killing it at the club, doing everything just right just so to get what is his. And what is his? Every girl that you want. Sure, he deserves it, he got the good cards in life. And when it comes down to it, this guy really knows how to mack.  Just sitting there with a couple of drinking horns bringing in the chicks. But shouldn’t this guy be sharing the love a little bit? I mean COME ON! Throw something my way!

The thing about these guys is that they never share. So here’s the new theory I’m coming up with, and I’m going to just go ahead and call it holla atcha boys. This means that wing men are over. Why not let this guy be the main show? I mean if he just keeps at it all night, he can really get these girls going, and I mean beautiful girls going. Like he can probably juggle 10 at a time. So why not let him just get all 10 of these girls riled up, sexed up, begging for it, and then move in on just one? (or maybe two or three). He DEFINITELY cannot take all 10. So why not holla atcha boy once these girls are all primed and ready?

At that point, you don’t need to be a pickup artist. You don’t need to be smooth. You don’t even need to be likeable. You just need to show up, shut up, and take this girl home. He does all the hard work, and you just swoop in for the kill. The thing is, you’re done. You’re the man of the hour, and you didn’t do a thing. It’s the most brilliant thing you’ve ever heard, it’s holla atcha boy, and you heard it here first.

The real question is, why would this guy do this for you? What are you paying him in return? Why is he going to spend his precious time and perfect hair and send the results your way? Well that’s something you’re going to have to figure out on a case-by-case basis. But whatever you find out, you know that it’s going to be pricey. I mean do his taxes, bring him coffee three times a day, give him straight up cash, it doesn’t really matter. Just go and make it happen. And YOU WILL BE SET FOR LIFE! Maybe some of his charm will even rub off on you.

Thanks fellas, let me know what you think!

Texas Pharmacy Technician Certification

ptcb-test-prepThe state of Texas regulates pharmacy technicians and requires them to meet the relevant criteria as set by the state. One important prerequisite of registering as a pharmacy technician is to take the PTCB Practice Test after completing a training program from a state approved training institute. To register as a pharmacy technician in Texas, you are required to do the following.

  • Have a PTCB certificate (you will get this after clearing the PTCB exam).
  • Be a high school graduate or have equivalent education.
  • Undergo a criminal background investigation and submit your fingerprints.
  • Complete and submit an application form to the Texas State Board of Pharmacy as a request to register yourself as a pharmacy technician.
  • Send the application fee with the application. This fee is nonrefundable.

After the submission of your documents, you will be issued a license once the state board approves your case. The license has to be renewed after every two years.

Training is an important part of the job. You will receive training from the pharmacist in charge, who will keep a proper record of your training progress. You can also take a PTCB Practice Test to help you get prepared.

With the American economy experiencing a down-turn, it makes sense for you to embark on a career path to advancing opportunity. With the population growing older, the need for health care professionals – and pharmacy technicians specifically – will continue to grow. For a nominal cost, you can insure your family’s future, in spite of our worsening economy!

Remember – Employment of pharmacy technicians is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through 2018. That means you may have excellent job opportunities open to you upon completion of your training.

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Program is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Technicians who pass the (ExCPT) Pharmacy Exam are granted the title of Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT). Our program was established by the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ICPT) which is now a part of NHA.

Some of the pharmacy technician ptcb training institutes that offer state approved training courses in Texas are listed below.

  • Milan Institute
  • Everest College
  • Sanford-Brown College
  • Virginia College
  • Brown Mackie College
  • Penn Foster Schools
  • Fortis Institute
  • Ashworth College

How to Enhance Your Massage Experience

Baby massageThere are not many things more relaxing than a proper massage. Keep reading to learn about massage therapy and how it can benefit you.

This is a strong tool you can use to help stimulate muscle therapy, just like you read about in your last cma practice test. Don’t overdo it, however, as you could hurt the recipient.

Don’t eat just before getting a massage. Make sure your food has been digested. This will allow you to feel comfortable in whatever position you are asked to adopt while getting massaged.

If you suffer from stretch marks from excessive weight loss or gain, you may be frustrated by your inability to get rid of them. A cocoa butter massage daily to the problem areas can be a huge help.

Try out various oils when you are massaging them. Oils are very important since they provide lubrication so that you can massage to the best of your ability.

Make sure your massage area is as free from noise as possible. It will be hard to relax in an area that is full of traffic noise and quarreling neighbors. If necessary, you should choose a quiet place for your massage or play relaxing music to drown out negative noises. This will definitely help the relaxation and calm.

Don’t underestimate the value of a massage. A massage can do wonders to relieve pain, relieve stress and gain extra energy for your normal activities.

Check out online for reviews of local therapists. You must know how other people feel about their service prior to going in for what could be a professional. Look for independent reviews published on websites that are not run by the clinic or the therapist you are considering.

Ask for lower lights when getting a massage. A room makes it more relaxed atmosphere than a fully lit one. Try to make sure the room dim to resemble the night and a quiet atmosphere.

Neuromuscular therapy is a type of massage where you apply pressure to particular trigger points. Trigger points in the body are irritated muscle areas which feel like lumps or knots within your muscles. These parts of the body can be painful or uncomfortable and might be causing pain in your body. The applied pressure will help relieve the tense muscles and relieves the pain.

Don’t be shy about speaking up when you get a massage.

Where are the best places to rub when you’re giving yourself a self massage? The place where the pain is! Begin in the areas that aches and work outward. If during the process you discover other painful spots, work that out as well. When it no longer feels pleasant, you can end the massage.

Remember the hands and feet .  Massaging these areas is often extremely enjoyable. Be firm when massaging hands and feet.

A good massage should be easy now with this advice. Regardless of whether you are giving or receiving a massage, the experience should be enjoyable. Make sure you are continually refining your massaging skills and keeping up to date with all new techniques being released.  NCLEX.

Healthy Skin that you will appreciate

Neck rash ringYou can easily not think about how important skin care is, but an unexpected rash can cure you of that problem quick. A good skin care plan is not difficult to follow, but you need to have the right focus and that comes from good information. The effective advice below will help you tips and suggestions on the best ways to care for your needs.

You should never shave your skin that is dry. Shaving tends to cause razor burn and redness to the surface of your skin. When you shave, be sure to moisturize your skin.This soothes irritation and moisturizes your skin.

Spend more time outdoors to get clearer skin that is free from acne problems. Try walking to the park on your lunch break or simply standing outdoors every day.The sun gives you vitamin D, which aids in healthy skin.

Exfoliating is the ideal way to keep your routine for healthy skin. Using an exfoliating glove, a scrub, can help to remove a significant amount of dead skin cells. To keep from causing damage to your skin, only do this one or two times a week.

You could also put this container in warm bowl with water until it becomes warm.

Exfoliate your face about three times per week to maintain healthy skin. Use a scrub if you want the best possible results. Use a moisturizing for sensitive skin.You are going to have radiant if you practice exfoliation.

Use a sponge to apply your sunscreen very effectively. This ensures a more even application and you won’t have to deal with greasy hands.

Daily use of sunscreen slows the aging process, such as wrinkling, and it can also help maintain healthy and youthful looking skin.

Getting enough sleep per night will help keep skin bright. Sleep deprivation can cause skin around the eyes to wrinkle. Try to get at least eight hours of sleep every night for better skin and to keep your stress down.

Drinking plenty of water is important for proper skin care. Skin cells will lack hydration without at least 64 ounces of water a day. When your skin does not get the water it needs, your skin can get itchy, itchy and dry. To avoid this, and to make your skin resilient, be sure to drink enough water regularly.

If you want to properly care for your skin, you must have relevant information on how to do so. It is not hard to have better skin. With this article’s advice in hand, you are well-equipped to make your skin care procedures more effective or launch a whole new routine.