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About Chicago Wild Life News

Chicago Wild Life News is the print, mobile, and online news source for medical physicians published by the Chicago Wild Life News Association. No other publication in Chicago covers the same spectrum of medical news in the Chicago Area.

Chicago Wild Life News is one of the leading independent health and medical news websites on the Internet. The Chicago Wild Life News website contains several sections including: Health News, Heath Videos, Doctor Recommendations, and Forums.

Founded in 1898, and affiliated with what is now Chicago Hospital since 1957, Chicago Wild Life News is among the top-ranked clinical and medical research news resources in the country. In addition to offering articles about medicine, Chicago Wild Life News also has PhD written information in biomedical research and education.

Chicago Wild Life News is updated with more than 100 articles on weekdays and over 50 articles at weekends. Chicago Wild Life News produces more articles and resources than any other health news website. The website is divided into medical categories/specialities, allowing you to browse only the news relevant to you. Advanced news archive searches allow you to quickly find the news you are interested in

There are several free services provided on the site – sign up to news alerts and receive an email when news is added to the catgories chosen, weekly email newsletters or an RSS/XML newsfeed / JavaScript newsfeed – via a reader for personal use or to display headlines on your website. Your email address and personal details are never passed on, or sold, to 3rd parties – they are used only to supply the services requested and for statistical analysis. Please see our privacy policy for further details.

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The website offers major specialty articles, including open heart surgery and neurosurgery. Advanced resources, such as information about certified trauma care support TMC’s role as a regional specialty center.

Chicago Wild Life News has forged a special relationship with the people of North America. USA medical residents have come to depend on Chicago Wild Life News to meet a spectrum of physical, mental and spiritual needs. CWLN has responded with unique services to provide the kind of sophisticated, experienced care that was once was available only in major metropolitan areas.

More than 2 million unique visitors come to Chicago Wild Life News every month. Chicago Wild Life News carries 3rd party advertising and also licenses content for republishing – for more information on commercial opportunities please visit our advertising information page or contact us. The print edition is published in a tabloid-size format 24 times a year. It has a large national circulation that cuts across geographic regions, practice settings and medical specialties. The site features all the content of the print edition plus web-only reporting.

Chicago Wild Life News is directed to medical professionals in private practice and physicians on hospital and managed care staffs, in military service and on medical faculties. Of a total print circulation of over 230,000, about 90% are physicians, primarily office-based doctors in primary-care specialties. A large portion of the non-physician readers are medical students.

The other non-physician readers include health regulators; legislators and their staffs; staffs of state, county and specialty medical societies; administrators of health programs; and journalists. These professional watchers of the health policy scene make up a small percentage of print circulation, but their work has an important impact on the medical profession and health care in America.

Chicago Wild Life News is delivering news about the medical profession not found in other publications. Physicians read Chicago Wild Life News for its timely and accurate political/regulatory coverage and information on the medical profession, public health, health care reform and practice management. Regular coverage includes such topics as ethics, practice trends and legal issues.

Readership surveys have found that Chicago Wild Life News is ranked high in terms of its timeliness and accuracy. Readers across all categories turn to it to receive late-breaking, recent news on a variety of medical-related topics. Chicago Wild Life News reporting, writing and design have won numerous prestigious newspaper industry awards.