Sleep quality assessment

My sleep assessment results just came back, turns out that I’m not getting the REMS that I really need.  I went into the sleep facility and slept with censors on every night for a week.  They had a number of graphs that calculated how many hours of deep sleep I received, how many times I woke up, and at what stage of the sleep cycle I woke up in.  While there I was sleeping on a Saatva luxury firm mattress, which I really liked.  At home I don’t have a very high quality mattress, but even with this improved sleeping experience, I didn’t get a great night’s sleep.

I spoke with a physican, who had a number of sleep recommendations.  He said that I should try sleeping on my side or my back, rather than my stomach.  This is uncomfortable for me currently, but I guess it will pay big dividends in the long run.  He also mentioned that I should put a pillow between my legs to keep my posture aligned.  Finally, he said that I should invest in a quality mattress.  The reviews of the Saatva mattress are very good, so I’m going to check my bank account to see if it’s time to make the investment.

The matter of the issue is that getting a better mattress and pillow, and thus a better night’s sleep, will surely make me feel much better in the long run.  I just hope that I will get the good night’s sleep soon!  I’ve been lagging a at work, drinking more coffee to stay alert, and tossing and turning all night.  It hasn’t been a pleasant situation, but if I can make some small changes to improve the situation, I would definitely be happy to make them.

The best recommendation I’ve seen is from this Saatva mattress review video.  They go through every point about the manufacturing, and even things like the customer service.  They do say a few bad things about the mattress, but overall the review is very positive, and has convinced me that I should get one.  Here I come sleep, very excited!

sleep assessment

The Ultimate Boob Job

Boob job gone right

Boob job gone right

The sensual curve and the resulting confidence of a liposuction from Dublin Ohio is magical.  It certainly changed my life.  I went from some small-town Ohio nobody to somebody that people looked at.  I could even go into Columbus, the big city for me, go to any bar, and have a few guys talk to me.  My confidence soared because of the boob job, and I’m so grateful.

Some of you may think that this is shallow, or a waste of good money (it was quite expensive), but I had already done all the things I was supposed to do – my personality is great, my friendships strong, my career on track.  I just couldn’t get men to look at me because of my flat chest, and marriage and children are a very important part of life for me.  The boobs aren’t a direct path to that, the just increase the chance that a guy is going to see me for me.

The whole process is so simple, I went from an A cup to a C cup and was back at work within a few days.  Very little pain, and seemingly very little risk.  Just a whole lot of benefit, making it personally a very easy choice for me.

If you’re thinking about having a breast enhancement for yourself, what I would recommend is strengthening your resolve, really understanding your values and why you want it, and then if you’re satisfied, don’t let other people deter you.  There is a lot of stigma around boob jobs, so it may be difficult to talk about this with your friends and family, and you should; but if they don’t recognize your reasons, then don’t let them be the ultimate decision maker.

This boob job changed my status in life, and now I’m happier than I have ever been.  Thank you so much to my doctors, supportive friends, family – I’m more excited for life than I ever have been before!