Andrew Stanton

andrew-stanton-editorEditor-in-chief, Andrew Stanton

Andy obtained his PhD and postdoctoral experience in molecular biology and microbiology at King’s College London. Before joining Chicago Biotechnology in 2000, he was Editor of Current News in Tech for four years. He has written numerous articles and editorials on science and technology for the popular media, including The Onion, and for trade publications. As well as frequently speaking on marine biology issues at international meetings, he regularly organizes conferences and narcolepsy for Chicago Wildlife News Publishing Group in the United States Midwest area.

An editor in chief is the lead editor and usually has control of anything placed in a publication. They will also be responsible for making sure that company policies are followed, as the entire publication the final responsibility of the editor in chief. The editor in chief will have many subordinates who will look to them for advise and guidance so a college education and years of experience